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50 years of activity and progress.
An important goal that we wish to honor by continuing to look far ahead, doing our best every day, without forgetting the past experiences that have shaped us, allowing us to know and handle the materials safely.

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You can select the model of mini-pool, the color and options you prefer depending on your budget and environment where it will be installed. Once you have completed the configuration of your ideal mini-pool, you can share your project with whomever you want and send it to us by e-mail to request a quote, free and without obligation.


A specialized team will follow you from the moment of the choice up to the delivery of the product, based on your needs, both personal and structural.

Our Minipools


Stonehenge Panoramic View



SPA 190

SPA 240

Omega 185


California 372

California 400


Stonehenge 227x (customized length) is a new whirlpool minipool invented by Busco. A product completely made of synthetic stone suitable for built-in or freestanging installation.


Colosseum is the emblem of Busco’s innovation. The essential geometry of this mini-pool and the slate effect of the material make it perfectly fit with the surrounding environment.

Stonehenge Panoramic View

Stonehenge Panoramic View 227x (customized length) Thanks to the panoramic glass in tempered and stratified glass, you can enjoy a very suggestive view that allows you to admire the show created by the whirlpool, the airpool and the chromotherapy.


A mini-pool with a new patented entry system that reduces the risk of accidents and guarantees comfortable and safe access even for elderly people and other persons with walking problems.

SPA 190

The Spa 190 mini-pool has a maximum footprint of 190x190x90 cm, has ergonomic seats designed to make the most of a healthy whirlpool and is suitable for 3-4 people.

SPA 240

Round mini-pool with maximum dimensions of 240x240x90 cm. Ideal for 3-4 people, it has ergonomic seats suitable for making the most of a healthy hydromassage.

Omega 185

Superb mini-pool with a 54 cm high basin, it can accommodate up to 3 people. The double whirlpool system is positioned on two sides, which can also be activated separately.

Omega 207

Whirlpool mini-pool with a 54 cm high basin, it can accommodate up to 3 people. The double whirlpool system is positioned on two sides, which can also be activated separately.


Large and comfortable whirlpool mini-pool, Miami can be requested in three sizes from 340 × 241, from 304 × 304 and from 304 × 404 mt. The rounded corners and the infinity make this model elegant and easy to place in any style of environment.

California 372

California 372 is one of the most scenic mini-pools in the series, with its original flower shape. Very large, it has 8 comfortable seats to make the most of a healthy whirlpool. Ideal for a minimum of 8 people.

California 400

California 400, the most scenic and capacious SPA of the series, with its original flower shape composed of 6 petals. It has twelve comfortable seats to make the most of a healthy whirlpool. Ideal for at least 12 people.

Columbia 300

Columbia 300 is an oasis of well-being with a small size that allows installation even in small gardens, without sacrificing freedom of movement and enjoying the whirlpool.

Counter current

When you think of a pool to train, you need to consider and analyze some key points: Space, Authorizations, Excavations, Assembly and labor on site, The extent and convenience of maintenance and cleaning.

What if we told you that you can have the best in a few square meters? Choose the new one whirlpool minipool STONEHENGE!  Customizable sizes. Self-supporting structure. Fully inspectable from the pool side Patented®


50 years of experience. Notoriety; From the pool of “Non è la Rai” to the minpool designed for “Twiga Beach Club” by Flavio Briatore, inaugurated in 2018.


Classic surfaces or new slate effect, counter-current swimming, whirlpool, airpool, chromotherapy, heating and easy access on request (patented).



The mini-pool arrives ready to install. Thanks to the steel frame, our whirlpool minipools are self-supporting. Only a supporting slab at the base of the excavation will be needed.



We have patented a system to make the minipool inspectable directly from the edge. This system will allow you to work on systems and vents without removing anything. System already available for Slate Effect Pools.

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Since 1970, Busco® Wellness has dedicated itself to the design and production of whirlpool SPA mini-pools and high-end products, bathtubs, shower enclosures built with the most advanced technologies, modern whirlpool systems and advanced control systems.

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